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09/21/18 Hello, I would like to request the “Board Box” reports issued from August 22, 2018 to present. Th... Public Records Requests Cano
09/21/18 We would like to obtain the basic turnstile data for each Metro rail station or fare control area... Public Records Requests Williams
09/21/18 bid recap for the following?  ITEM: UPS12-1000MRXF QTY. 160 MFG: Enersys Public Records Requests Williams
09/20/18 Non-Disclosure Agreement  Metro Blue Line Record Drawings. Utility Drawings at Long Beach Blvd. ... Public Records Requests Cano
09/20/18 Any chance you can break down ridership numbers for the Red, Blue and Expo line by stop? Public Records Requests; TEST Williams
09/17/18 Facilities Access Policy - addressing who can have access to what , when and who has the ability ... Public Records Requests Williams
09/17/18  Green Line Extension to Torrance Supplemental Alternative Analysis (SAA) Report - full report as... Public Records Requests Williams
09/17/18 The new request is for the red light camera ticketing reports covering the month of July. Public Records Requests Williams
09/17/18 bid results from the previous Tree Maintenance contract for the Orange Line. It is currently out ... Public Records Requests Williams
09/14/18 Copy of contract between LAPD and Metro Public Records Requests Williams
09/14/18 Hello, I would like to put in a request for all records you have regarding criminal charges resul... Public Records Requests Cano
09/14/18 I'd like to get ridership data for Line 240, particularly for the north-south segment on Reseda B... Public Records Requests Cano
09/14/18 How can I get Gold Line ridership statistics by station?  I am curious how many riders use their ... Public Records Requests Cano
09/14/18 First Last Mile Planning Foothill Gold Line Extension request a copy of the bid tabulation for t... Public Records Requests Quinteros
09/13/18 I noticed that wages are in the form of bi-weekly payments.  Do you have a report with gross annu... Public Records Requests Williams
09/13/18  I was wondering if you might be able to provide me with the names of firms awarded contracts for... Public Records Requests Williams
09/11/18 Requesting an electronic (PDF) copy of the WKE proposal for procurement AE51890, for PS&E for... Public Records Requests Quinteros
09/11/18 In response to our PRA request, LACMTA stated that its decisions regarding hiring applicants with... Public Records Requests Cano
09/10/18 All Change Orders, Unilateral Change Orders, Modifications, and/or other written change
to Con...
Public Records Requests Cano
09/10/18 When available, we would like to request a copy of the proposals submitted in response to AE48636... Public Records Requests Quinteros
09/10/18 C0991 Daily Inspection Reports June 2015 through September 7, 2018 as well as a copy of the actua... Public Records Requests Williams
09/10/18 I am requesting all investment-related handouts and presentations from the Aug. 14 investment boa... Media Williams
09/07/18 I would like to know if you can help me find records for submittals on Segment 3c tunnel booster ... Metro Staff Williams
09/07/18 We are looking for MRL Contract A165 Boring Logs. Please do a search and let us know what you ha... Metro Staff Williams
09/06/18 Evening Metro Team, The Los Angeles Local Development Corporation request a copy of an executed ... Public Records Requests Williams
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