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Westside Subway Extension Project:

  1. The anticipated schedule for preparation of the supplemental environmental impact statement (“SEIS”) for the Project, including the anticipated dates for the public release of the draft SEIS, the close of the public comment period thereon, the release of the final SEIS, and FTA’s final decision.

 2.     The anticipated dates that a Full Funding Grant Agreement for Phase 2 of the Project (“FFGA”) and the Phase 2 Design/Build contract for the Project will be awarded and signed. If the FFGA has already been sent to Congress for review or has already been awarded, please forward a copy of the document to us. 

  1. Current plans, diagrams, or other documents detailing the location, configuration, and equipment placement for the Project’s Constellation Station construction lay-down area. 
  1. The anticipated emission rates of PM, NO, and NO2 from all sources at the Project’s Constellation Station construction lay-down area during all phases of construction and the analysis substantiating such emission rates.


Excluded from the above categories of documents are those that have already been produced to the parties as part of the administrative record and discovery in the litigation matter entitled Beverly Hills Unified School District v. Federal Transit Administration et al. (Case No. 2:12-cv-09861-GW-SS, and consolidated cases).



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