Request #20-391

Re:                   Request for Inspector Logs   ( September 1,2019 through Current)                                                                   

Project:             Willowbrooks/ Rosa Parks Station Improvements    PRJ# C49218C1161000                                

Location:          11720 Wilmington Ave, Los Angeles CA 90059



March 11, 2020 via web


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March 16, 2020, 8:38am
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We have released all of the records that meet your request in accordance with the California Public Records Act.

Metro's NextRequest (Public Records Tracking System) is maintained in compliance with Metro's records retention policy and records schedule. Requests and attachments will be removed from this system according to Metro’s records retention schedule.  This is to maintain the consistency and integrity of the records management program, as well as the utility of this system.

 Please note:   The records requests themselves and any attachments will be deleted 3 Years after request closure.

If records are made available, please make sure you access/download/pick-up the records as soon as possible.  System records will be removed automatically at their expiration periods. Use of this system is not intended to extend or reduce Metro's adopted retention schedule time periods. 

You may contact me at if you have any questions related to this public records request.


Charlene Williams
RIM Analyst
Records and Information Management

March 16, 2020, 8:38am
Document(s) Released to Requester   Details Public
Ali Nazari 12-02-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 12-03-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 12-04-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 12-05-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 12-06-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 12-09-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 12-10-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 12-11-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 12-12-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 12-13-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 12-16-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 12-17-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 12-18-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 12-19-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 12-20-2019.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.03.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-76.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.04.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-77.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.05.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-78.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.06.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-79.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.09.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-80.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.09.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-81.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.11.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-82.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.12.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-83.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.13.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-84.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.16.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-85.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.17.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-86.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.18.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-87.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.19.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-88.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.20.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-89.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.23.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-90.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.24.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-91.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.24.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-93.docx
Johnnie Ross 12.30.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-92.docx
Ali Nazari 02-03-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 02-04-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 02-05-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 02-06-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 02-07-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 02-11-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 02-12-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 02-13-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 02-14-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 02-28-2020.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.03.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-111.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.04.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-112.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.05.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-113.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.06.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-114.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.07.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-115.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.10.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-116.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.12.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-117.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.13.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-118.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.14.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-119.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.18.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-120.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.19.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-121.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.21.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-122.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.24.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-123.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.25.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-124.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.26.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-125.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.27.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-126.docx
Johnnie Ross 2.28.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-127.docx
Ali Nazari 01-02-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-03-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-06-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-07-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-08-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-09-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-10-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-13-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-14-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-15-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-16-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-17-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-20-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-21-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-22-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-23-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-24-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-27-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-28-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-29-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 01-30-2020.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.07.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-94.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.08.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-95.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.09.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-96.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.10.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-97.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.13.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-98.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.14.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-99.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.15.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-100.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.16.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-101.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.17.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-102.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.21.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-103.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.23.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-104.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.24.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-105.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.27.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-106.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.27.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-107.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.28.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-108.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.30.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-109.docx
Johnnie Ross 1.31.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-110.docx
Ali Nazari 03-02-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 03-03-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 03-04-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 03-05-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 03-06-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 03-09-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 03-10-2020.docx
Ali Nazari 03-11-2020.docx
Johnnie Ross 3.03.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-128.docx
Johnnie Ross 3.04.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-129.docx
Johnnie Ross 3.04.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-130.docx
Johnnie Ross 3.05.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-131.docx
Johnnie Ross 3.06.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-132.docx
Johnnie Ross 3.09.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-133.docx
Johnnie Ross 3.10.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-134.docx
Johnnie Ross 3.11.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-135.docx
Johnnie Ross 3.12.20 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-136.docx
Ali Nazari 11-06-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 11-07-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 11-08-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 11-11-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 11-12-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 11-13-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 11-14-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 11-15-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 11-18-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 11-19-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 11-21-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 11-22-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 11-25-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 11-26-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 11-27-2019.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.01.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-60.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.04.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-61.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.05.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-62.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.06.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-63.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.07.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-64.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.08.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-65.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.12.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-66.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.12.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-67.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.13.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-68.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.14.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-69.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.15.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-70.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.15.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-72.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.18.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-71.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.20.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-73.docx
Johnnie Ross 11.21.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-74.docx
Ali Nazari 10-01-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-02-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-03-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-04-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-09-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-10-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-11-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-12-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-15-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-16-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-17-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-18-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-19-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-22-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-23-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-24-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-25-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-26-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 10-29-2019.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.01.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-39.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.02.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-40.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.03.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-41.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.04.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-42.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.07.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-43 (2).docx
Johnnie Ross 10.09.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-44.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.10.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-45.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.11.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-46.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.14.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-47.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.15.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-48.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.16.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-49.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.18.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-50.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.21.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-51.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.22.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-52.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.24.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-53.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.24.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-54.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.25.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-55.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.28.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-56.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.29.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-57.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.30.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-58.docx
Johnnie Ross 10.31.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-59.docx
Ali Nazari 09-04-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-05-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-06-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-07-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-10-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-11-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-12-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-13-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-14-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-17-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-18-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-19-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-20-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-21-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-24-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-25-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-26-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-27-2019.docx
Ali Nazari 09-28-2019.docx
James M Penn 9-23-19.docx
James M Penn 9-6-19.doc
Johnnie Ross 9.03.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-23.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.04.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-24.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.05.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-25.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.06.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-26.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.09.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-27.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.16.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-28.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.17.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-29.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.18.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-30.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.19.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-31.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.20.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-32.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.23.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-33.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.24.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-34.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.25.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-35.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.26.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-36.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.27.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-37.docx
Johnnie Ross 9.30.19 C1161-DIR-RSA-PK-38.docx
Nicole Aguirre WRP - BL Platform 9.5.19.doc
Nicole Aguirre WRP - Transit Mall 9.10.19.doc
Nicole Aguirre WRP - Transit Mall 9.8.19.doc
Tony A Perez 09-3-19.doc
Tony A Perez 09-4-19.doc
March 16, 2020, 8:36am
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Added: Public Records Requests.
March 12, 2020, 11:36am
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March 11, 2020, 3:34pm