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On behalf of WSP USA Inc., may I please request a copy of all the proposals submitted for the following seven (7) awarded contracts:

  1. I-405 Express-Lanes        
    1. RFP No. AE61156000
    2. Contract No. AE61156000
    3. Awarded to WSP USA Inc.                                           
  2. Congestion Pricing
    1. RFP No. PS62790
    2. Contract No. PS62790
    3. Awarded to WSP USA in.
  3. Crenshaw North
    1. RFP No. AE64930
    2. Contract No. AE64930
    3. Awarded to WSP USA Inc.
  4. Green Line Extension to Torrance, Environmental Review and ACE
    1. RFP No. AE63445
    2. Contract No. AE63445
  5. SR-91 Cherry Avenue
    1. RFP No. AE5302500;
    2. Contract No. AE5302500
    3. Awarded to TRC Solutions, Inc.
  6. SR-91 Acacia Court to Central Avenue Improvement Project 
    1. RFP No. AE57645000
    2. Contract No. AE57645000
    3. Awarded to HNTB
  7. Doran Street Crossing Grade Separation
    1. RFP No. PS2415-3046
    2. Contract No. PS2415-3046
    3. Awarded to HNTB

      Thank you, 

Lisa Olszewski 



January 7, 2020 via web


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