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10/17/18 Request for Metro Bus and LRT Ridership Data for Lines 117, 211, 212 and 803 (ref. 3002) See att... Public Records Requests Orozco
10/16/18 We are in the process of purchasing “Driver Barriers” for our fleet of buses.  I am in need of a ... Public Records Requests Williams
10/15/18 .  I am trying to find previous RFPs or the approved contracts with the scope of work for the fol... Public Records Requests Williams
10/11/18 Hello,  I would like to request the technical proposals for the following RFPs: RFP No. AE24904... Public Records Requests Cano
10/11/18 Non Disclosure Agreement: Contract C245 Central Control Facility AR-3000 First floor plan AR-3... Public Records Requests Cano
10/11/18 Non Disclosure Agreement: CAD File or As Built for Green Line: Hawthorne/Lennox Station  Green... Public Records Requests Cano
10/10/18 RE:  Request for Information regarding RFP No. OP52365 (issued 3.15.18)   Transdev Services, In... Public Records Requests Cano
10/10/18 If possible, we would like to obtain the RFQ / RFP RFQ-RFP C52151C1169 ESOC circulated May 11, 20... Public Records Requests Williams
10/09/18 Purple Line Extension Section 3 Stations C45161C1152 Westwood/UCLA Station  Copy of the bid re... Public Records Requests Cano
10/09/18 Per my rights under the California Public Records Act, please provide the following: All recordi... Media Cano
10/09/18 RFP No. PS46817, Materials Verification Testing and Inspection Services. We request an electroni... Public Records Requests Cano
10/09/18 Can you please send us the award results which would include the Company names of the bidders,  t... Public Records Requests Williams
10/09/18 DESCRJPTION OF RECORDS REQUESTED:  1) The CUCP's "Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Plan" (with all ... Public Records Requests Williams
10/09/18 How many MTA employees are paid $100,000 or more? Media; TEST Williams
10/08/18 Becky, This is Neha Yadav from KPFF consulting engineers. I would like to request proposal respo... Public Records Requests Quinteros
10/08/18 copy of a past RFP No. C52151C1169 for the DB for Emergency Security Operations Center Public Records Requests Williams
10/08/18 Do you have the updated ridership counts for 2018 that you can send me? Public Records Requests Cano
10/08/18 Could you provide the bid tabulation of contract MA47522 Public Records Requests Williams
10/04/18 Good afternoon, My name is Joseph Shields and I am a graduate student in UCLA's urban planning p... Public Records Requests Cano
10/04/18 FY18 Metro Rail Ridership data Public Records Requests Williams
10/03/18  I am with the City of Vernon’s Engineering Division, I attended the SELA meeting in the City of ... Public Records Requests Williams
10/03/18 I would like to request copies of the proposals submitted for MicroTransit Pilot Project, Contrac... Public Records Requests Quinteros
10/03/18 We are in the process of submitting bid for IFB OP58033: Liquid Waste Removed Services and would ... Public Records Requests Williams
10/03/18 the most recent and complete portfolio of your pension fund. Specifica!lly, we require the CUSIIP... Public Records Requests Williams
10/02/18 Hi, Would like to request technical proposal (Volume I) pdf of WKE, Inc. related to AE51890000. ... Public Records Requests Williams
10/02/18 From 8/8/2018 location Victoria st and Wall Street. About 6:35am and 6:40 am I think the metro bu... Public Records Requests Williams
10/02/18 IFB OP43891-2 Documents
- Bid documents - All pages submitted
Public Records Requests Williams
10/01/18 Seeking information of firm who constructed apartment building(s)  and ground level shops on Wils... Public Records Requests Cano
10/01/18 Requesting a copy of all documents provided in response to Public Records Request #18-1331. Public Records Requests Williams
10/01/18 Hello, I would like to request the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project Monthly Project Status Report for... Public Records Requests Williams
10/01/18 request public records pertaining to the sale or transfer of land and improvements within the Cul... Public Records Requests Williams
10/01/18 the winning proposals for the following three (3) awarded contracts:  North San Fernando Valle... Public Records Requests Williams
09/28/18 Copies of all responses to RFP No. AE36687 Supplemental Engineering Services (SES) - Rail Facilit... Public Records Requests Quinteros
09/28/18 Bid Tabulation # 90144 Type 76 Relays Public Records Requests Quinteros
09/28/18 In reference to RFP# PS37054 - Bus and Rail Mobile App, I would like to request for the finally a... Public Records Requests Cano
09/28/18 I would like to request of the awarded response document to be shared for the RFP PS49088-IT-TO20 Public Records Requests Quinteros
09/27/18 Requesting a copy of all documents provided in response to Public Records Request #18-1180.        Public Records Requests Williams
09/27/18 Requesting a copy of all documents provided as part of Public Records Request #18-1218.        Public Records Requests Williams
09/27/18 request for copies of the Technical Proposals, under the CPRA, for all of the competing submittal... Public Records Requests Williams
09/27/18 Non-Disclosure Agreement Contract B-252 Vermont Santa Monica Station a total of 43 Record Drawings. Public Records Requests Cano
09/27/18 video: traffic collision accident occurring at 10-11:00 pm, on Friday, August 31st 2018 at the i... Public Records Requests Williams
09/26/18 I am looking to find out if LA Metro will share their RFP for MicroTransit Pilot Project that I b... Public Records Requests Quinteros
09/26/18 I would like to request the budgets for the Westside subway extension. I would like to analyze th... Public Records Requests Cano
09/25/18 Just checking back in with you to see if the new FY18 Metro Rail Ridership data is available?    Public Records Requests Williams
09/25/18 we are looking to put out a RFP similar to the microtransit RFP you recently awarded. I was wonde... Public Records Requests Williams
09/24/18 Dear Sir or Madam: I would like to request the previous winning bid for the Firm Fixed Unit Rate... Public Records Requests Cano
09/24/18 I request the activity log and schedule (in electronic format) for the fumigation of the silverli... Public Records Requests Cano
09/24/18 The contents of record request #18-229. Media Williams
09/24/18 l would like to make a request to view your policies and procedure guidebooks for the regulation ... Public Records Requests Williams
09/21/18 I am a graduate student at Cal Poly Pomona and I'm doing preliminary research on projected riders... Public Records Requests Williams
09/21/18 Hello, I would like to request the “Board Box” reports issued from August 22, 2018 to present. Th... Public Records Requests Cano
09/21/18 We would like to obtain the basic turnstile data for each Metro rail station or fare control area... Public Records Requests Williams
09/21/18 bid recap for the following?  ITEM: UPS12-1000MRXF QTY. 160 MFG: Enersys Public Records Requests Williams
09/20/18 Kocher Schirra Hoharizi Consulting Engineers, Inc. (DBA “KSG”) Complete Subcontract relating to... Public Records Requests Williams
09/20/18 Non-Disclosure Agreement  Metro Blue Line Record Drawings. Utility Drawings at Long Beach Blvd. ... Public Records Requests Cano
09/20/18 Any chance you can break down ridership numbers for the Red, Blue and Expo line by stop? Public Records Requests; TEST Williams
09/19/18 C0988 - We are requesting confirmation of the dates of payments issued from METRO to Walsh/Shea-C... Public Records Requests Cano
09/19/18 Winning cost proposal for PS44432000 TO 009 - North San Fernando Valley and North Hollywood to Pa... Public Records Requests Quinteros
09/17/18 Facilities Access Policy - addressing who can have access to what , when and who has the ability ... Public Records Requests Williams
09/17/18  Green Line Extension to Torrance Supplemental Alternative Analysis (SAA) Report - full report as... Public Records Requests Williams
09/17/18 Do you have ridership by station on the Expo line?  Appreciate any insight you might have. Public Records Requests Williams
09/17/18 The new request is for the red light camera ticketing reports covering the month of July. Public Records Requests Williams
09/17/18 bid results from the previous Tree Maintenance contract for the Orange Line. It is currently out ... Public Records Requests Williams
09/14/18 Copy of contract between LAPD and Metro Public Records Requests Williams
09/14/18 Hello, I would like to put in a request for all records you have regarding criminal charges resul... Public Records Requests Cano
09/14/18 I'd like to get ridership data for Line 240, particularly for the north-south segment on Reseda B... Public Records Requests Cano
09/14/18 How can I get Gold Line ridership statistics by station?  I am curious how many riders use their ... Public Records Requests Cano
09/14/18 First Last Mile Planning Foothill Gold Line Extension request a copy of the bid tabulation for t... Public Records Requests Quinteros
09/14/18 RE: Complaint Record ID# 295962, I would like: Copy of Supervisor #D21 (aka A. Williams) incid... Public Records Requests Williams
09/13/18 I noticed that wages are in the form of bi-weekly payments.  Do you have a report with gross annu... Public Records Requests Williams
09/13/18  I was wondering if you might be able to provide me with the names of firms awarded contracts for... Public Records Requests Williams
09/11/18 Hello, I am requesting any documentation on Metro’s recommended or adopted allocation/assignment ... Public Records Requests Cano
09/11/18 Requesting an electronic (PDF) copy of the WKE proposal for procurement AE51890, for PS&E for... Public Records Requests Quinteros
09/11/18 In response to our PRA request, LACMTA stated that its decisions regarding hiring applicants with... Public Records Requests Cano
09/10/18 All Change Orders, Unilateral Change Orders, Modifications, and/or other written change
to Con...
Public Records Requests Cano
09/10/18 Crime statistics from before and after July 2017, when the new Metro Comprehensive Policing and... Public Records Requests Cano
09/10/18 Follow up on 18-1178: I would like the version that is applicable to the current shake up (June ... Public Records Requests Quinteros
09/10/18 When available, we would like to request a copy of the proposals submitted in response to AE48636... Public Records Requests Quinteros
09/10/18 C0991 Daily Inspection Reports June 2015 through September 7, 2018 as well as a copy of the actua... Public Records Requests Williams
09/10/18 I am requesting all investment-related handouts and presentations from the Aug. 14 investment boa... Media Williams
09/07/18 #2     The final support of excavation plan(s) for the La Cienega Station of the Westside Subway ... Public Records Requests Williams
09/07/18 #1    All plans for support of excavation in connection with the construction of the Fairfax and ... Public Records Requests Williams
09/07/18 #3   Every Weekly Monitoring Status Report (instrumentation and monitoring system) dated from Jun... Public Records Requests Williams
09/07/18 I would like to know if you can help me find records for submittals on Segment 3c tunnel booster ... Metro Staff Williams
09/07/18 We are looking for MRL Contract A165 Boring Logs. Please do a search and let us know what you ha... Metro Staff Williams
09/06/18 Evening Metro Team, The Los Angeles Local Development Corporation request a copy of an executed ... Public Records Requests Williams
09/06/18 Hello, I would like to request the following contract: Contract number: C40403C1151  WESTSIDE P... Public Records Requests Williams
09/06/18 C0988 - We are requesting confirmation of the date of payment of contract progress billing period... Public Records Requests Williams
09/06/18 all rapid stops Public Records Requests Williams
08/30/18 Non-Disclosure Agreement: Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension - Soto Station As-Built Drawings  Public Records Requests Cano
09/05/18 I request all mechanic records related to Bus 5673 crash of Aug 30 2018. I request to know and ex... Public Records Requests Cano
09/05/18 I am wondering if you have a copy of the final report, "LA Metro - Procurement Process and Staff ... Public Records Requests Williams
09/05/18 This firm represents the Trustees of the Operating Engineers Trust Funds ("Trusts").  Parpac, Cor... Public Records Requests Williams
09/04/18 The response to Request 18-1115 regarding Orange Line technical study full report. Public Records Requests Quinteros
09/04/18 I would like to obtain the proposals submitted by firms for Contract No. AE49369000. Public Records Requests Williams
08/31/18 Electronic copy of plan set and special provisions for Soundwall Package 11  Solication Number: ... Public Records Requests Williams
08/31/18 Non-Disclosure Agreement MBL C0653 - 7th/Flower Station Tail Track Reconfiguration  Public Records Requests Cano
08/31/18 Non-Disclosure Agreement  MBL C0653 - 7th/Flower Station Tail Track Reconfiguration Public Records Requests Cano
08/31/18 I would like to receive the following documents regarding the midlife overhaul for major systems ... Public Records Requests Cano
08/31/18 I am an Operations Associate at Green Commuter. I am doing research on public transportation in L... Public Records Requests Williams
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