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08/13/18 Please consider this an official written request to send me ALL the Proposals for the Constructio... Public Records Requests Cano
08/10/18 Hello, I would like to request the Office of Extraordinary Innovation Quarterly Progress Report f... Public Records Requests Cano
08/08/18 Hello, I am requesting a copy of this report completed in 2015: "Sepulveda Transit Corridor Proje... Public Records Requests Cano
08/08/18 124986 The video you sent me is one screen with three videos running simultaneously.  Do you h... Media Williams
08/08/18 Could you please furnish passenger load data (Rail Line Service Direction Station Hour reports) f... Public Records Requests Cano
08/08/18 Is it possible to get a copy of the following document?  Request for Proposal - PS39222853 – Dis... Metro Staff Williams
08/07/18 Non-Disclosure Agreement: Hollywood/Western Red Line station As Built as part of an upcoming TI ... Public Records Requests Cano
08/07/18 Non-Disclosure Agreement: Hollywood/Western Red Line station As Built as part of an upcoming TI ... Public Records Requests Cano
08/06/18 Hi, I am requesting the digital copies of the full Monthly Project Status Reports for the Crensh... Public Records Requests Cano
08/06/18 Please submit any documents and/or contract between Skanska USA Civil West California District In... Public Records Requests Williams
08/06/18 Selected consultant for Project C51209C1166 - Rail to Rail Active Transportation Corridor Connect... Public Records Requests Williams
08/06/18 Technical Proposals, under the CPRA, for the five other competing proposals for RFIQ/RFP PS2415-3... Public Records Requests Williams
08/02/18 Requesting an electronic (PDF) copy of the WKE proposal for procurement AE51890, for PS&E for... Public Records Requests Quinteros
08/02/18 Would it be possible for us to receive permission to use photo https://www.flickr.com/photos/metr... Public Records Requests Cano
08/02/18 Hello,   I am requesting a copy of the proposal and contract for PS44478000, which has been rec... Public Records Requests Orozco
08/02/18 Hi, I'd like to request a list of all projects for which LACMTA has made a grant application unde... Public Records Requests Cano
08/01/18 I am submitting a Public Records Request for any current Bulk Fuel Contracts - Regular Unleaded, ... Public Records Requests Cano
08/01/18 Non-Disclosure Agreement: CD containing CAD drawings for C1168 - Metro Blue Line Track and Syste... Public Records Requests Cano
08/01/18 Non-Disclosure Agreement: CD containing CAD drawings for C1168 - Metro Blue Line Track and Syste... Public Records Requests Cano
07/31/18 Dear Metro Representative, I am requesting all information regarding the removal of underground ... Public Records Requests Cano
07/30/18 Hello, I'm repeating my earlier request for the Annual Rail Activity by Station report for 2018. ... Public Records Requests Williams
07/30/18 Contractor’s No. C0988-RFC-00307 / Metro No. 00483, titled “3 Shades of Gray.”  Contractor... Public Records Requests Williams
07/27/18 Under the California Public Records Act § 6250 et seq., I am requesting an opportunity to inspect... Public Records Requests Cano
07/27/18 I am requesting for a copy of the (I) proposal submitted by Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. and (I... Public Records Requests Williams
07/26/18 We are respectfully requesting a copy of the winning proposal for RFP No. PS52802, Regional Const... Public Records Requests Cano
07/26/18 I was hoping to do a request a report on the attached TAP cards, as we discussed last year. I've ... Metro Staff Williams
07/25/18 Hi, Please provide ridership data for metro Orange line by station, year, and day of the week in... Public Records Requests Williams
07/24/18 Bid tabulations for MA32754 Stock No. 177254 Public Records Requests Quinteros
07/24/18 I am requesting a copy of Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Employee Com... Public Records Requests Williams
07/23/18 Can you please provide the full feasibility/alternatives analysis study for the Crenshaw Line Nor... Public Records Requests Cano
07/22/18 On the agenda for the July 26 Metro Board meeting is to receive and file the Crenshaw Northern Ex... Public Records Requests Cano
07/21/18 The Crenshaw Northern Extension Feasibility/ Alternatives Analysis - full report (only executive ... Public Records Requests Cano
07/20/18 North Hollywood stations on both the Red Line and Orange Line boarding and alighting figures  Public Records Requests Williams
07/19/18 Hello, 

I would like to review monthly ridership data by station of the Expo Line's Phase ...
Public Records Requests Williams
07/18/18 Non-Disclosure Agreement  * Contract B-221, LA CBD To North Hollywood Turnout Structure, Criteri... Public Records Requests Cano
07/18/18 Can you please provide the executive summary for the Airport Southwest Area Transportation Study ... Public Records Requests Williams
07/18/18 Can you please provide the annual Rail Activity by Station report for fiscal year 2018? Public Records Requests Williams
07/17/18   Dear Sir/Madam: Our request is regarding Contract #PS5003800; Issued: 05-02-16 - Installation... Public Records Requests Quinteros
07/17/18 Request Report for Div 6 UST Removal Soils Report Final  I have heard that the Environmental Ass... Public Records Requests Orozco
07/16/18  I’m hoping to put my hands on the agreement that’s described in the first paragraph [B.] of the ... County Counsel Williams
07/16/18 Good morning,   I am writing to request the following public records for the Red Car Line in an... Public Records Requests Williams
07/16/18 number of riders per day in Koreatown – near 3500 Wilshire Blvd and 3511 W 6th Street?  Also the... Public Records Requests Williams
07/16/18 Copy of purchase orders safety vest about 20 plus that were issued mid March until present all ve... Public Records Requests Cano
07/16/18 Would you kindly send me bus stop information for both Ontario and Pomona Public Records Requests Williams
07/14/18 Dear Sir  or Madam: Has the award been granted for PS51863.pdf RFP No PS51863 DISADVANTAGED AND ... Public Records Requests Williams
07/12/18 We are working with several cities in Los Angeles County to upgrade and improve their bus stop am... Public Records Requests Cano
07/11/18 Please send me engineering drawings in plan and section for the elevated sections of the Expo Lin... Public Records Requests Cano
07/11/18 Dear Sir/Madam: I am contacting you from ForTech Solutions, Inc. We worked as a subcontractor un... Public Records Requests Quinteros
07/10/18 According to this Metro board report (link below), “Since inception of the ExpressLanes, a Compre... Public Records Requests Cano
07/10/18 To whom it may concern:   I'm interested in seeing the bid documents from the  last light duty ... Public Records Requests Williams
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